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Writer, Comedian, & Musician // Fremantle, WA

Has words [memoir, cultural criticism, poetry, fiction, and goofs] in The Guardian, VICE, Noisey, Meanjin, JUNKEE, The Lifted Brow, Crikey, Going Down Swinging, Cordite and elsewhere.

Loves dogs. 

Internationally performing stand-up comedian. His debut album 'Barely Bombings' is available here

Makes music as Bang Bang Bart here.​






Adam Sandler Analysis (2/12/17)

The Music of Animaniacs (30/11/17)

Li’l Elvis: Son of the King (20/10/17)

The Devil, Me, & Daniel Johnston (10/10/17)

Bojack Horseman and Memory (6/10/17)

Studio Ghibli and Fascism (1/9/17)

Raphael Bob-Waksberg Interview (10/8/17)

Ian Strange Interview (7/8/17)

Another Antipodes Interview (3/8/17)

Arnie at 70 (3/8/17)

Rocko’s Modern Life at 20 (1/8/17)

Robo Cop at 30 (19/7/17)

George Romero Obituary (17/7/17)

Larry David and Surviving 2017 (12/7/17)

Wizard People, Dear Reader (03/7/17)

The SNES in Australia (28/6/17)

'The Thing' at 35 (27/6/17)

Marcus Bielby Interview (27/6/17)

Daniel Day Lewis Retires (21/6/17)

The Myth of the Bloke (19/6/17)

Channel 10 Aus Aesthetics (16/6/17)

Mark Latham: Handshook (15/6/17)

RIP Wallace (6/6/17)

Samurai Jack is Beautiful (26/5/17)

Mania is Not a Super Power (10/5/17)

Finding the Right Meds  (10/5/17)

Marge Simpson Anime Interview (27/4/17)

The Silence of the Lambs in 2017 (27/4/17)

The Tragicomic Genius of Marge Simpson (24/4/17)

John Clarke Obituary (10/4/17)

Dave Chappelle: Game, Blouses  (29/3/17)

The Ada Rose: Freo's Last Brothel (22/3/17)

Bill Leak was a Cunt (10/3/17)

The Genius of Homer at the Bat (24/2/17)

Depression Steals Your Friends (31/1/17)


The Legacy of the Big Mac (2/12/16)

To Hell with the Aria Awards  (24/11/16)

Live Export (21/11/16)

Scared of the Dark: Childhood Anxiety (16/11/16)

Raoul Coutard Obituary (14/11/16)

Cheez TV Made a Generation (27/10/16)

Gnome Village (25/10/17)

Why I Write About  My Mental Illness (12/10/16)

BPD FFS (10/10/16)

Vale Zorak C Martin Croker Obituary (20/9/16)

RUOK Day Can GTFO (9/9/16)

Gene Wilder Obituary (30/8/16)

Hark! A Medieval Fair (30/8/16)

Wired for Getting Fired (24/9/16)

Do Dead Dolphins Float? Underwater World in 2016 (2/9/16)

Perth isn’t Boring (25/7/16)

Ben Cousins and Me (26/7/16)

Standup and Mental Illness (14/6/16)

Ditching Bipolar Meds (31/5/16)

Coconut Oil Dick Injection (30/3/16)

The Bad Statues of Perth 22/2/16

Perth Heat Wave (11/2/16)


Tony Abbott is Waluigi (14/9/17)

Twin Peaks and Nostalgia (4/9/17)

Dick Gregory/Jerry Lewis Obituary (24/8/17)

Would Hank Hill vote Trump? (26/7/17)

Aus Alt-Right Pokedeck (14/7/17)

Chris Lilley is a Minstrel (4/7/17)

The Castle at 20 (12/4/17)

The Front Fell Off: on John Clarke (10/4/17)

The 20yo One Nation Candidate (22/3/17)


A Turbid Wake: The Trauma of Trump's Win (11/11/16)

U Triggered Bro? Rape Jokes (25/10/16)


Judas At Home (11/1/2016)


The Jerk (1/2/2014)




Appearance on The Best Show w. Tom Scharpling 30/1/19

Patrick Marlborough: The State of Stand Up | X-Press Mag 8/23/18

The Patrick Marlborough Interview | Just Secretly Public 8/11/18

Dutton, Snaga, & the State of Satire w. Patrick Marlborough | Breakfast with Caitlin 31/5/18

Power in the Union: Patrick Marlborough Talks Labour Songs | Breakfast with Caitlin 6/3/18

ROFL Harris: The Anarchic Stand Up of Patrick Marlborough | Avenoir Mag 5/19/2017

The Take Away Special: Mad Funny with Patrick Marlborough | Rotunda Media 2017

Midnight Special | RTFM 7/13/2017

Truth Bombs | Breakfast with Caitlin 2/23/18

Patrick Pulls No Punches | Breakfast With Caitlin

Remembering John Clark | Breakfast With Caitlin

Mental Health Matters | Breakfast With Caitlin

Interview with Perth Comedian Patrick Marlborough | Metior 3/25/2018

An Interview with Patrick Marlborough | Cool Perth Nights 8/31/2017

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