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Writer, Comedian, & Musician // Fremantle, WA
Loves dogs. 

Beloved comedian. Stand-up album 'Barely Bombings' available here

Makes music as Bang Bang Bart here.​

Novel 'A Horse Held at Gun Point' shortlisted for the Fogarty Award 2021

Has words [memoir, cultural criticism, poetry, fiction, and goofs] in The Guardian, VICE, Noisey, Rolling Stone, Kotaku, Meanjin, The Saturday Paper, JUNKEE, Pedestrian.TV, The Lifted Brow, Crikey, Going Down Swinging, Cordite and elsewhere.





Pedestrian: Australia Is A Country Of Hate – Just Look At How We’re Treating The Biloela Family (10/
Kotaku: The Legacy Of Berserk And Its Creator, Kentaro Miura (25/5/21)
Pedestrian: Pls Enjoy Worst Pieces Of Shrek Porn I’ve Been Sent After Making *One* Stand-Up Routine
Patreon: Musk We? A Night in SNHell  (17/5/21)
Kotaku: The Genius Of New Pokemon Snap’s Solastalgia  (13/5/21)
Meanjin: Gee, Officer Kristen (5/5/21)
Pedestrian: Why I’m Uneasy With ADHD’s Smol Bean Energy Online, Even If Twitter Helped Me Accept Mys
TSP: Perth Festival Review (27/2/21)
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VICE: How Robodebt Killed Vulnerable People Like Me (10/12/20)
Crikey: WA and COVID- the next state to s
Crikey: Look west to see your future — WA’s ‘new normal’ is going to spread (30/7/20)
The Guardian: My family's Saturday lunch is often for 50. Lockdown has been a challenge (23/6/20)
Meanjin: The Regularness of Life (12/8/20)
pilot: Get the Boot For Me, Will You? (12/5/20)
Rolling Stone: Op-Ed- On Working for Murdoch in 2020 (6/4/20
Junkee: In Good Conscience, I Can No Longer Continue Working At The Death Star (15/1/20)
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Crikey: My ‘realistic wish’ for Australian comedy (30/11/18)
VICE: 'Animaniacs' Could Help Us Transcend These Dark Times (20/11/18)
Meanjin: The Unflushables - Latham, Hanson, and Australia’s Floaters (9/11/18)
The Guardian: Waltzing Matilda is Australia's creepiest ballad. Let me tell you why (31/10/18)
MEANJIN: Don Draper Pitches Australia  (9/10/18)
SWAMPLAND: Song of the Cicada
VICE: Han Solo Was the Coolest Star Wars Character Until 'Solo' (1/6/18)
VICE RIP Bill Gold, the Genius Who Designed All Your Favorite Movie Posters (25/5/18)
VICE: Goodbye Tom Wolfe - the Guy Who Made Journalism Cool (18/5/18)
Tone Deaf: Lift Yourself - If you think Kanye is ‘crazy’ you might be basic (1/5/18)
VICE: My Brain Keeps Turning Thoughts into Memories (7/5/18)
VICE: 2. VICE An Interview With Australia's Filmic Conscience- Warwick Thornton (19/2/18)
VICE: Tim Heidecker Is the Satirist America Deserves (10/1/18)
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Crikey: ‘These ideas shouldn’t be radical’- on the ground at Bernie Sanders’ New York rally (5/11/19
VICE: 'Mister America' Is Trump's Most Scathing Satire Without Even Mentioning His Name (26/10/19)
Crikey: The 2020 debates are a hot dog eating contest (17/10/19)
Crikey: ScoMo, Trump and the dangerous banality of bromance (1/10/19)
ICE: The Relentless Stupidity of 'Invader Zim' Accurately Forecasted Our Hell Timeline (14/9/19)
Meanjin: Indian Summer  (Spring, 2019)
VICE: 'Rocko's Modern Life' Nails the Dystopian Roller Coaster of Being Australian in America (28/8/
Meanjin: They’re Not Staying Down There, Anymore! (16/8/19)
Crikey: Robert Mueller: a perfectly normal man in imperfectly abnormal times (30/7/19)
Crikey: The vast tragedy at the core of Australia’s suicide rates  (25/7/19)
ICE: Watching 'The Lion King,' All I Can Think About Is Extinction and Death (22/7/19)
Meanjin: A Guide To Iranian Cinema For John Bolton (10/7/19)
Crikey: All aboard the Boris bus: how the media fuelled the would-be PM (3/7/19)
Crikey: What is left in the wake of a mining bonanza? (24/6/19)
Crikey: Make no mistake, Adani means death  (18/6/19)
Crikey: The danger of the ‘irresponsible larrikin’ (14/6/19)
Crikey: Facing the wasteland of Australian arts (7/6/19)
Crikey: It will take more than election visits for WA voters to trust federal leaders (10/5/19)
Meanjin: Egg Heads- You Haven’t Earned Our Respect (7/5/19)
Crikey: Labor is undivided in its decision to not talk about divisions (30/4/19)
Crikey: Fear and loathing in WA- the perils of a One Nation-Liberal preference deal (3/4/19)
Meanjin: The Dead Aren’t Clapping (26/2/19)
Junkee: The Saddest Sad Dads Of Australia (21/2/19)
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Judas At Home (11/1/2016)


VICE: Actually, Adam Sandler Is a Genius (2/12/17)
NOISEY: The Music of 'Animanics' Helped Make it a Beautifully Twisted Kids Cartoon (30/11/17)
NOISEY: Li'l Elvis and the Truckstoppers Were an Outback Neutral Milk Hotel  (20/10/17)
NOISEY: Daniel Johnston Saved My Life (10/10/17)
VICE: Why 'Bojack' Is a Show About the Feedback Loop of Memory (6/10/17)
JUNKEE: Tony Abbott Is The Waluigi Of Australian Politics (14/9/17)
JUNKEE: How Twin Peaks Is Transcending Prestige TV And Nostalgia (4/9/17)
VICE: What Studio Ghibli’s Films Teach Us About Resisting Fascism (1/9/17)
VICE: The Creator of 'Bojack Horseman' on Why Political Correctness Isn't Censorship(10/8/17)
VICE: Making Art From the Decaying Suburban Dream (7/8/17)
VICE: Curating Africa Beyond the Clichés (3/8/17)
VICE: Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Led a Pretty Weird Life (3/8/17)
VICE: 'Rocko's Modern Life' Was Nickelodeon's Last Great Show (1/8/17)
JUNKEE: “That Boy Ain’t Right”: Re-Visiting ‘King Of The Hill’ In The Age Of Trump(21/7/17)
VICE: Does ‘RoboCop’ Still Hold Up 30 Years On? (19/7/17)
VICE: RIP George Romero, Inventor of the Zombie Movie (17/7/17)
JUNKEE: A Guide To The Brand New Australian Alt-Right Pokemon Starter Deck (14/7/17)
VICE: How 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Is a Survival Guide for 2017 (12/7/17)
JUNKEE: Why Australia Won’t Face Up To A Problem Like Chris Lilley (4/7/17)
VICE: 'Wizard People, Dear Reader' Is the True Masterpiece (3/7/17)
VICE: A Fucking Nostalgic Article About Loving Super Nintendo (28/6/17)
VICE: After 35 Years 'The Thing' Is Still Our Most Suffocating Horror Film (27/6/17)
VICE: Revel in These Hyper-Realistic Portraits of Working Class Western Australia (27.6.17)
VICE: Goodbye Daniel Day-Lewis and Thanks for the Best Film Ever (21/6/17)
VICE: How the Aussie Bloke Stereotype Destroys Australian Men (19/6/17)
VICE: Channel Ten Was the Home of the Mid-2000s Australian Dream (16/6/17)
VICE: Mark Latham's Downfall Started With This Very Intense Handshake (15/6/17)
VICE: RIP the Man Who Voiced Wallace: Peter Sallis (6/6/17)
VICE: 'Samurai Jack' Is Probably the Most Beautiful, Inventive Cartoon Ever (26/5/17)
VICE: Mania Is Not a Superpower (10/5/17)
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VICE: The Quest for a Pill to Stop the Pain  (10/5/17)
VICE: These Watercolours Imagine Marge Simpson’s Feminist Awakening (27/4/17)
VICE: 'Silence of the Lambs' Is Still Powerful 26 Years Later (17/4/17)
VICE: The Tragicomic Genius of Marge Simpson (24/4/17)
JUNKEE: The Castle’s Darryl Kerrigan Is The Kind Of Hero Australia Needs Right Now (12/4/17)
VICE: Farnarkeling in Heaven: RIP John Clarke (10/4/17)
JUNKEE: “The Front Fell Off”: A Tribute To Australia’s Exorcist John Clarke (10/4/17)
VICE: Game, Blouses: On the Return of Dave Chappelle (29/3/17)
JUNKEE: Meet The 20-Year-Old Student Who Ran With One Nation In Western Australia (22/3/17)
VICE: An Evening at the Last Brothel in Fremantle (22/3/17)
VICE: We're Not Sure How to Write an Obituary for Bill Leak (10/3/17)
'Homer at the Bat' Is the Best Episode of 'The Simpsons' Ever  (24/2/17)
VICE: Depression Steals Your Soul and Then It Takes Your Friends (31/1/17)
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CORDITE: Judas at Home
VICE: RIP Jim Delligatti: Inventor of the Big Mac and a True Cultural Poet (2/12/16)
NOISEY: I Do Not Care For the ARIA Awards(24/11/16)
VICE: Reflections on the Short, Sad Escape of 'Manny' the Live-Export Steer(21/11/16)
VICE: https://www.vice.com/en/article/jm9vvp/acute-night-terrors-and-paranoia (16/11/16)
VICE: RIP Raoul Coutard: The Man Who Made Cinematography Invisible (14/11/16)
JUNKEE: A Turbid Wake: The Emotional Cost Of A Trump Presidency (11/11/16)
JUNKEE: “U Triggered, Bro?”: Take It From A Comedian, Offence Isn’t Always As Edgy As You Think (25/
VICE: https://www.vice.com/en/article/pp4qbg/why-australia-needs-to-bring-back-cheez-tv-more-than-ev
VICE: Nothing Is Weirder Than Perth's Village of Garden Gnomes (25/10/16)
VICE: Why I Write About My Mental Illness Online (12/10/16)
VICE: What It's Like to Have Borderline Personality Disorder (10/10/16)
VICE: Remembering C. Martin Croker, the Weird Genius Behind 'Space Ghost: Coast to Coast' (20/9/16)
VICE: RUOK can GTFO (9/9/16)
VICE: The Rowers Keep on Rowing: In Memory of Gene Wilder (30/8/16)
VICE: One Day at a Medieval Fair Proved I'm Not Tough Enough to be a Geek (30/8/16)
VICE: All the Times My Mental Illness Got Me Fired (24/8/16)
VICE: Dead Dolphins and Ripcurl T-Shirts: Revisiting Perth's Underwater World (2/8/16)
VICE: Perth Isn't Boring, it's a Hotbed of Suburban Freakdom (25/7/16)
VICE: Me and Ben Cousins: Proof That Perth Is No Way to Treat the Mentally Ill (13/7/16)
VICE: How Stand-Up Comedy Puts My Bipolar Brain at Ease (14/6/16)
VICE: The Glorious Highs and Dismal Lows of Life Without My Bipolar Meds(31/5/16)
VICE: Why Burmese Men Are Pumping Their Dicks Full of Coconut Oil (30/3/16)
VICE: Statues of Limitation: A Look at Perth's Crummy Public Art (22/2/16)
VICE: How Fucking Hot Was Perth Yesterday? (11/2/16)
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2015 & Before

Betoota Advocate: 11 Of The Sexiest ‘Alt-Right’ Icons To M
Betoota Advocate: Study Finds That White Privilege Makes U
Betoota Advocate: Witty Catholic Priest Wins Over Royal Co
Betoota Advocate: Chris Lilley Returns With Controversial
Betoota Advocate: Rattus Found Dead In Surry Hills Apartme
Betoota Advocate: Turnbull Government Announces New Joint
Betoota Advocate: Peter Dutton: “I Will Not Be Blackmailed
Betoota Advocate: Study Reveals Direct Link Between Cheez TV And Crystal Meth Addiction
Betoota Advocate: 5 Obscure Star Wars Cha
Betoota Advocate: 2015 Determined To Cram
Betoota Advocate: Top 5 ABC Kids Shows To Distract From What Happened In The Days After The First Fl
TLB: The Jerk (14/2/14)
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Appearance on The Best Show w. Tom Scharpling 30/1/19

Patrick Marlborough: The State of Stand Up | X-Press Mag 8/23/18

The Patrick Marlborough Interview | Just Secretly Public 8/11/18

Dutton, Snaga, & the State of Satire w. Patrick Marlborough | Breakfast with Caitlin 31/5/18

Power in the Union: Patrick Marlborough Talks Labour Songs | Breakfast with Caitlin 6/3/18

ROFL Harris: The Anarchic Stand Up of Patrick Marlborough | Avenoir Mag 5/19/2017

The Take Away Special: Mad Funny with Patrick Marlborough | Rotunda Media 2017

Midnight Special | RTFM 7/13/2017

Truth Bombs | Breakfast with Caitlin 2/23/18

Patrick Pulls No Punches | Breakfast With Caitlin

Remembering John Clark | Breakfast With Caitlin

Mental Health Matters | Breakfast With Caitlin

Interview with Perth Comedian Patrick Marlborough | Metior 3/25/2018

An Interview with Patrick Marlborough | Cool Perth Nights 8/31/2017

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